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Carnival Cuckoo Mask

Carnival Cuckoo Mask

• Return guarantee • • Did the size match? The event did not take place? Make a refund and we will refund your money! • Up-to-date information on availability • • We value the time of our customers, so we provide the correct information on the site that you do not need to specify.. • Free shipping * • • If your order is more than 5000 rubles, we will ship it to any part of the country absolutely free of charge.. Our advantages • Without prepayment • • Pay for orders on receipt, we send orders with cash on delivery throughout Russia.. We cut out the beak (note, on the sides the valves do not reach the bridge of the nose), bend along all the bends (try on without the mask, correct) and, by opening the valves on the sides of the part inside the mask, paste: Everything! This is a universal bird mask, on its basis you can develop options for specific birds.. - maskworld com • Payment by electronic money Webmoney, Yandex Money, Qiwi • For organizations - payment by bank transfer. Click

Darts on the forehead will be cut, slightly wound and sealed The beak of birds consists of the upper and lower parts (jaws), but we will only make the upper half, because the lower 'jaw' would prevent the actor from breathing and talking.. The colorful world of masks: In this section we've put together Halloween and Carnival masks that are not made of latex or leather. 2

For example, we already have, as well One of these days I will write articles on masks of an eagle, a cockerel and a parrot.. Cheeks are white, and where there should be a blush - black spots Still there is a black beard, but -you- from it it is necessary to refuse.

Pattern for a universal bird mask For an adult, the width of the mask will be exactly the width of the A4 leaflet.. And now, to prove to you that the mask model proposed here is really very universal, I will turn it into a sparrow mask.. Carnival Mask Masks for fancy dress parties, masquerades, Mardi Gras, etc They often feature feather, sequins, beads or other ornamentation. 34bbb28f04 4

We take our universal mask and color it Here - I reproduced an approximate color distribution, and she obediently turned into a sparrow mask.. Sparrow bird mask (not Jack's))) The sparrow has a brown beret on its head, a dark black-gray beak, eyes are circled in black.. We are on the portal of suppliers! More details about the methods of delivery and payment.. Delivery and payment Free delivery for orders worth more than 5000 rubles, is realized by providing a discount of $ 250, which covers the cost of delivery in Moscow or an economical delivery in Russia. Click

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